Presentation Skills Training How To Catch More Clients

Expand your business by using positive, up-beat presentation skills.

The classic saying is a little different. I already know just. But, humor me. Here’s the version to help you win new clients and improve business. “You catch more clients with honey – than with vinegar.” Consider. When you are energetic, happy and positive – it shows. People feel it. And these days, with so many sorry stories and awful reports, a smiling face attracts business. Clients are in need of more than just a good deal or a cheap price.

They want to own a positive exposure to vendors and strategic partners. When you smile, add value, and are unswervingly positive – people notice. Just the particular case of two sales professionals. Let’s call them: Mike and Dave. Mike is happy, energetic and passionate in presenting. He smiles even when the going gets rough. He has a ‘can-do’ attitude and remarkable will power. Clients and prospects presentation skills singapore look to talking with him and always believe they got a great deal more expected. They remember him for years after meeting man.

Now, let’s look at Dave. Dave is brilliant. And they know it. In fact, he thinks he’s got smarter than others. He tends to give presentations that are educational and informative – but wish to have a touch of cynicism. It generally the audience as if Dave feels he’s more important matters to attend to. People remember this gut feeling – and guess what makes them genuinely feel? Hint: more is showing than you think. Plus, it gets more intense.